Power up your business with a vcto

A Virtual Chief Technology Officer can power up your business and give it the edge.

Business owners in New Zealand often must choose between hiring a full-time IT manager or letting IT sort itself out.

Both solutions solve one problem while creating another…

A qualified IT manager can (usually) get the job done, but this comes at a cost.

Not hiring an IT manager saves money, but the result leaves much to be desired.

Both sides have clear benefits but also carry significant risk. It’s tough for smaller, independently owned companies to find the right balance between being cost-effective and getting the job done.

If only there was a way forward that limited labour expenses while maximising and optimizing IT performance. As luck would have it, there is…

Adding a Virtual Chief Technology Officer to your team is a cost-effective, affordable way to get the most value out of your Technology.

The way the world does business is constantly changing thanks to improvements in technology. It is essential for your company to stay on top of these trends and developments in order to obtain increased growth and profitability. It doesn’t matter whether you are conducting business right here in New Zealand or halfway across the globe – managing technology is going to be vital to your continued success.

At The IT Psychiatrist we work to help you make sure that your business has the right information, processes, people, and systems in place to help you reach your strategic outcomes faster.

The Virtual Advantage – Cost-Effective IT Strategy for Independent Businesses

In today’s economy, it is imperative that companies stay up to date with their IT management. For a lot of companies in New Zealand, this is easier said than done.

There are three primary choices for IT management, but as the below table shows, only one option is perfectly tailored to assist small and mid-sized organisation.

No dedicated IT Manager  

  • Technology is managed as part of another role or is managed alongside another job
  • Becomes a distraction to their core function, and can cost time and money
  • Little or no expertise in managing business technology
  • Reactive to issues, not proactively planning for them
  • Technology is viewed as a cost, not an investment
  • Won’t keep up with changes in technology  

A Virtual CTO

  • A cost-effective model focused on maximising your investment
  • Applies experience gained from multiple industries
  • Follows globally-recognised frameworks to manage your technology
  • Monitors changes in the technology industry and provides guidance on how they can benefit you
  • Focuses on the outcome, not the solution
  • Builds process and policies that meet your needs

Full Time IT Manager  

  • Average salary = $96,543Not always cost-effective for small businesses
  • May be more focussed on tactical and operational activity, not strategic change
  • May be averse to adopting emerging technologies for fear it will disrupt their job
  • Not focussed on delivering to globally-recognised frameworks
  • May not have the skills to deliver on all the change you require  

Scalable, Sustainable, and Tailored to the Needs of your Business

IT management is about more than just updating and maintaining your organisation’s systems – you need to manage your processes and policies too. The IT Psychiatrist provides companies with a flexible, scalable model for risk-averse IT. Our expert Virtual Chief Technology Officer will collaborate with your in-house team and outsourced providers to help you:

  • Understand your current technological environment and assets
  • Create support models that manage risk
  • Develop a technological strategy consistent with company goals
  • Implement policies and procedures for responsible IT and business continuity
  • Review existing policies and update as needed
  • Educate and inform your staff
  • Keep up to date with tech trends, standards, and compliance regulations

And much more…

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