IT Consultants for your business

Good technology doesn’t grow on trees.

While some businesses are happily embracing the latest digital technologies and disrupting traditional business models, many are struggling to anticipate and keep up with trends. For senior executives, being on top of these business-changing and disruptive trends is increasingly essential.

You need to fully understand the risks and complex challenges involved, while constantly asking how digital technology can drive transformative growth and help your business gain a competitive advantage.

We focus on where you want to deliver and removing the barriers to delivering it. We then work with you to identify the solutions you need in place.

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Core Values

We’re not your typical IT Consultants.

We have extensive experience of working with business and technical leaders across financial services, retail, technology, telecommunications, government, education and healthcare organisations.

We use a range of models, such as Technology Visioning, SWOT and Gap analysis, and Digital Twins, to map out your organisation and stimulate change

Our clients are senior decision makers and influencers who are committed to delivering the potential of IT.

We Support Business Decision Makers and Leaders With:

Strategic planning

Project Management and Oversight

Vendor Selection

Digital transformation leadership

Risk identification and mitigation

IT Governance framework development

Solution Selection

Business case development

Policy Development

We work with you to transform your business. We make it fit with your business strategy, your budget and your goals, and ensure it will support your ability for Digital Transformation.

And then, we help you set it all up. We’re right there with you, until you’re ready to take control. Exactly how an IT Consultant should work.

If you are:

CXO who wants to improve the performance of your business through the value you receive from your technology investments.

CIO focused on delivering value to your organisation and know you need to invest in your team

An Executive Team who knows you need to change but are unsure where to start or how to turn your strategy into reality.

Using a Digital Twin to Choose the Right Technology

Information is the life-blood of your business. By including information alongside people, processes and technology you are able to create a digital representation, or Digital Twin of your organisation.  Once you know how you operate today, you can identify the opportunities to evolve your business, modelling these scenarios of change before you implement them in the real world.

A digital twin focuses on the value of your information. Without that knowledge, and an understanding of the value of the information assets that deliver your business outcomes, you are missing a vital piece of your decision making; your decision intelligence is lowered.

Digital Twin

Digital Twin

With a digital twin you are also able to increases your decision intelligence, enabling you to make the most accurate decisions about where to invest your People, Time and Money to enable your business to meet the demands of a modern organisation.

We develop your digital twin to equip your business with the knowledge, training, and support required to transform your business. We then work with you to identify the solutions you need in place and help deliver them. All while helping you overcome the barriers to delivering it.