A Business Guide to Digital Transformation

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A Business Guide to Digital Transformation

Digital Transformation is not about technology It's funny how fast things have changed.

Not so long ago we used paper maps to navigate, opened the phone book to find a tradie, and called restaurants to make a booking. Today, we expect to be able do all these things online. A Business Guide to Digital Transformation outlines how to use technology to  change your business effectively.

And now technology has become synonymous with digital transformation.

This means that we often see technology positioned as the lead role in digital transformation - the driving force behind your business improvement or the best way to help you manage disruption.

Head to any business conference and you will hear someone talking about their digital transformation journey. Visit the show booths and consultants will quickly tell you how they can lead your digital transformation.

Both groups will cite the huge benefits you will see once your digital transformation journey is complete. But neither of them will share how the research reveals that 70% of all businesses that embark on a digital transformation initiative will fail to reach their goals.

Why is it that so many digital transformation efforts fail?

A Business Guide to Digital Transformation details how digital transformation has nothing to do with technology

Digital technologies can improve your efficiency and enhance customer experience. But if your organisation lacks the right mindset for change or your current practices are broken, then adding technology will simply magnify those flaws.

You don't make a butterfly by simply sticking wings onto a caterpillar. Nor are you a digital company just because you use technology.

In A Business Guide to Digital Transformation we explore what Digital Transformation really means and what factors spell the difference between failure and success.

Download your free copy today, and then get in touch to see how we can help.

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